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The Noble Hearts Ache

Today is the first day since the World Series ended that I have felt a compulsion to write about baseball. It’s a good feeling, this impulse, and I was beginning to worry it would never return. But really I should … Continue reading

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Sponsor a Baseball-Reference Page: Casey Candaele

The Pitch: Gopher balls might sell Big Macs and steaks, but the savvy marketeer knows that it’s character, not four-baggers, that defines a spokesman. I’m talking about the kind of character sculpted from a career of undeniable mediocrity, in which … Continue reading

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Poem Of The Week: The Ballad Of Old Rocky Nelson

A (somewhat sarcastic, I think)  poem by Canadian Raymond Souster about light-hitting outfielder Rocky Nelson: When old Rocky Nelson shuffles up to the plate The outfield shifts round and the fans all wait. He takes up his stance which ignores every law, … Continue reading

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Americanizing The National Pastime

Today is Memorial Day and the streets of Manhattan are eerily empty. I’ve always appreciated the imagery of this holiday –Naval fleets ashore at major cities, barbecues, three-day camping trips, and lots and lots of flags, even though I’m not … Continue reading

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