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Vin Scully’s Scorebook

I spoke with Ken Levine, television writer and Mariners’ broadcaster, last week for an article I’m writing elsewhere. The conversation turned at one point to scorekeeping, and he shared this tidbit on Vin Scully: Normally I can look over somebody’s … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Scorekeeping Week

What did I learn from Scorekeeping Week, after baseball fans of different stripes and styles weighed in on their scorekeeping tics and habits? I learned, mostly, that a scorecard is a living text, and that the act of scorekeeping far … Continue reading

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Runs, Runes, Ruins

Paul Franz is a Rockies fan, an educator, and recurring P&P contributor. Welcome to Scorekeeping Week..end. His blog is Nicht DIese Tone . “The end of pitching as we know it.”  That’s how SportsCenter would describe the game , in … Continue reading

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The Poetics of Scorekeeping, by Patrick Dubuque

Today’s Scorekeeping Week contributor, Patrick Dubuque, writes about baseball and the Seattle Mariners at his blog, The Playful Utopia. It’s the question many of us dread at the ballpark, usually accompanied by a smirk and perhaps a mesh-backed cap, as a … Continue reading

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Alex Belth: Late Bloomer

Alex Belth is a friend of P&P and one of baseball’s longest-tenured bloggers. Check out his cultural and baseball musings — and work from his stable of talented writers — over at Bronx Banter. I didn’t start keeping score until … Continue reading

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You Gotta Keep Score: Mariners Broadcaster Dave Sims Talks Scorekeeping

“You gotta keep score,” broadcaster Dave Sims told me over the phone. “I don’t know anyone in this business who doesn’t keep score.” Even early in my conversation with the Seattle Mariners play-by-play veteran, I understand the depth to which … Continue reading

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6-4-3: A Scorekeeping Week Link Roundup

If there is a more comprehensive baseball scorekeeping site than The Baseball Scorecard, it would be an impressively comprehensive baseball scorekeeping site. The Art of Manliness offers its own tutorial on scorekeeping. I enjoyed the emphasis on creating your own … Continue reading

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Diamonds and Doodles

Our first guest contributor for scorebook week is Patrick Truby, of There’s No I in Blog. Welcome aboard, Pat. I’ve always admired neatly kept scorebooks because I’ve never understood them. The act of neatly scoring a complete baseball game seems … Continue reading

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If Moleskine Made a Scorebook: The Bethany Heck Interview

Bethany Heck is the impetus for scorekeeping week. She is a graphic designer whose Eephus League Baseball Scorebook Revival project on Kickstarter, seeking funds to help produce a reimagined and better-designed baseball scorebook, has bounced around the baseball blogosphere for … Continue reading

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Welcome to Scorekeeping Week

Sometimes people ask us why baseball is our favorite sport. There’s no one good answer but it’s easy to come up with reasons it appeals to the obsessives, the nostalgics, the fastidious among us. Scorekeeping is just one of the … Continue reading

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