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P&P All-Day MLB Opening Day Live Chat 2011

Home Run Derby Live Blog Thing!

Welcome to the Home Run Derby Live Blog Thing!

Impending LiveBlogging

via Flickr user venusnep, clickable image

I’ve been a woefully inept shipmate on the SS Pitchers&Poets of late, so this evening I will celebrate my renewed commitment to yammering on about baseball by LIVEBLOGGING THE HOME RUN DERBY (8 o’clock Eastern, 5 o’clock Pactific).

I’ve never LIVEBLOGGED before, so this will be as new to me as the All-Star experience is to Nick Swisher.

In anticipation of this major media event, here’s an unrelated article by Joel Sherman, NYPost, on the Jack Z negotiations leading up to the Cliff Lee deal, that I found via It’s all quite dramatic.