Goodbye from Pitchers & Poets

The title of our most recent post was Hello, Goodbye. We talked about old favorites like Lance Berkman threatening to leave the game and new favorites like Bryce Harper entering the fray.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but there was something prescient about that conversation. Or maybe it was in our heads to begin with and it ended up on the proverbial page because it had to come out somehow. You see, both of us, for our own reasons, need to take a step back from Pitchers & Poets. To say goodbye for a while, and direct our attentions elsewhere. To watch baseball through a different lens.

So we’re taking an indefinite sabbatical from the blog.

This is a melancholy decision. Pitchers & Poets has exceeded our wildest expectations in every way. We’ve become great friends, and made a bushel more. We’ve read great stuff and met brilliant people. We’ve engaged in the great broiling Conversation that is life as a human being. P&P was the ocean-going vessel that connected our islands with your islands, and at full sail she was a pleasure to helm. She hasn’t been at full sail for a while, though.

So as we haul in our sails (is that right? We are hardly Westish Harpooners when it comes to nautical metaphors) on this project, we want to reiterate how important this blog has been for us. And more than that, we want to wholeheartedly thank all of you for reading and commenting, for telling your stories, for hearing out our often unwieldy ideas and for sharing your own. Thank you to all of our contributors, who wrote for no other reason than to join the conversation, thank you to the vibrant community of baseball bloggers who do such great work themselves and  who pushed us to be smarter and funnier and generally better. Thank you to baseball, and especially first basemen of the 1990s, for being awesome.

A specific thank you to Patrick Dubuque, who has lent his stellar work to the blog even as our own has flagged. He’s as grok as grok gets. And he’s going places (NotGraphs, specifically), and until then he’s on Twitter @euqubud

In the meantime, the blog will stay up, and hopefully one day we’ll get the Rogue’s Baseball Index back up too. We’ll keep adding the weirdest baseball pictures that we can find to our Tumblr, we’ll be on Twitter, Eric will be at The Classical, etc.


Ted & Eric

15 Responses to “Goodbye from Pitchers & Poets”

  • Fitting, I suppose, that a soft cover of “What a Wonderful World” be playing as I read this news.

    P&P will be missed. Wish I’d jumped into more conversations.

    Thanks for the good times… look forward to enjoying your future projects from deep in the shadows as well.

  • Well done. Looking forward to seeing your work in other forums.

  • I really enjoyed this site and the two dudes running it – one who I knew before in Chicago once many many years ago before the dark times before the Empire. Anyway I’m just going to let WOR TV speak for my feelings about this site.

  • Thanks for many great reads! We remain proud contributors to the Rogue’s Baseball Index.

  • Sorry to hear that, fellas. So very glad to have been a part of it. Keep me posted on your various efforts.

  • I had a feeling this was on the horizon…

    Thanks for all the good writing, gentlemen. I’m proud to have played a (very) small part in it.

    Now get back to work, Eric. Those Classical articles don’t write themselves!

  • It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to cast up some words under the P&P banner. As former Acting Junior Assistant to the team, I’d like to thank both Eric & Ted and everyone else as well. I exhort you all.

    I’ll miss this font. It made everything look so classy.

  • Patrick, I believe you are officially Bill Spaceman Lee Visiting Professor for Baseball Exploration. Agree about the font, though.

    Thanks everybody, for the kind words. It’s been the best.

  • Best. Baseball. Site. Like. Ever.

    Pouring one-four out.

  • I never commented on this site but I enjoyed the hell out of reading it. Thanks for doing this.

    Also, I hate to be the guy who fixates on irrelevant details (that’s a lie. I love to be that guy) but I think “furl our sails” might be the phrase you were looking for.

  • easily my favorite sports (not just baseball) site out there. y’all are smart. think critically, and perhaps most importantly listen when other people talk/write. I often feel out of place in online sports universes, usually because I have politics and because I’m critical even about the things, like baseball, that I love. This site did the exact opposite. You really did create a remarkable space here. If only more of sports and baseball and the internet were like this and like y’all!

  • Thanks, everybody.

    Mabel, you are the sheez.

  • Thanks for the good times, fellas.

  • Enjoyed everything about the blog. The humble insight, the humor, the conversations. Thanks for not only sharing but allowing others to as well. It’ll be weird not having P&P as part of my daily/weekly internet routine.

  • I loved this site and did what I could to get the self-respecting nerds on my own to click over here and read it. I’ll miss it keenly and wish you guys well. It was a profound joy to know that there are many baseball aesthetes like me out there. Thank you for the great writing.

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