Found Poetry: Jose Canseco

 Found poetry is a specific type of poem, particularly common in high school language arts classes, where you take words or phrases from a text and rearrange them to create original poetry. In this case, the following poem is constructed purely out of tweets from Jose Canseco’s twitter account.

Maybe I Am The Phantom of Baseball

Maybe I am the phantom of baseball

I will do anything for one more at bat
I know I can still hit MLB pitching
I can still hit a golf ball 380 yards
I have the hips of a 20 year old
I can
I have

I have a medical condition:
I love the game so much
Even in exhibition

Invite me for an old timers game
I will play

Anything for a look

Still dreaming of that one last
Trip of imagination
Back to the big leagues

I miss everything where did it go

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3 Responses to Found Poetry: Jose Canseco

  1. Eric says:

    This is amazing.

  2. Glenn Stout says:

    Kudos. Reminds me of Tom Clark quoting Mike Cuellar:

    “I wear blue on planes all my life.”

  3. Paul F. says:

    Jose Canseco: Post-Post-Modern Poet Laureate