Jose Canseco II

When Jose Canseco was just a little infant, he supported himself and his twin brother Ozzie Canseco by driving Canadian tourists around Havana in a red and white 1952 DeSoto. This was the early 1980s, when body-building was just coming into fashion. Even as a toddler, Jose Canseco had vision. When he arrived at his destinations, say the Hotel Nacional, Jose Canseco would crawl underneath the DeSoto and bench press it five times, with his passengers still inside. Thusly, he collected a small fortune in tips — not just from his passengers but from awed passers by. After all, who wouldn’t spare a few pesos for a toddler who could bench-press a 1952 DeSoto with such marvelous ease?

3 Responses to “Jose Canseco II”

  • I just wish there was some Asian baseball league that had a low enough quality, like the Chinese Basketball League, where Jose could show off his talents on the diamond. I know Dominican league ball is out of the question, but a return to Cuba?

  • After the failed Mexican league experiment, I don’t think even a fictional Chinese baseball league wants him, sadly.

  • Damn you Eric! I don’t have the time!

    Oh, and this is awesome, again.

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