Get to Readin’! The P&P Reading Club Is Go For Launch Next Wednesday

he art of fielding by chad harbachPitchers & Poets Reading Club participants, it’s time to pick up your copy of the scorching hot best-selling novel The Art of Fielding, by Chad Harbach, because we are about to get rolling!

This week, we’re going to feature some thoughts from our team of writers, who will reflect on their expectations, some ideas about reading baseball books, and more in preparation for next week’s big start.

Here’s the plan: We read a pre-determined set of chapters, and then we write, Tweet, and talk about that selection on the week’s Wednesday.

For next Wednesday, we’ll be discussing chapters 1-17 of the book.

If it’s food for thought you’re after as you anticipate and dig into the book and look to get the old brain cells firing, consider this review of The Art of Fielding at Slate, this interview with Chad Harbach by Pitchers & Poets contributor Corban Goble for The Awl, and this review by Alan Cheuse at the Trib. That should get you started.

This week, we’ll feature some early thoughts from our contributors-slash-conversation starters

Here’s the overall reading schedule.

  • Tuesday, September 27. Chapters 1 – 17
  • Tuesday, October 4. Chapters 18 – 33
  • Tuesday, October 11. Chapters 34 – 52
  • Tuesday, October 18. Chapters 53 – 72
  • Tuesday, October 25. Chapters 73 – END
If you need to take it up another notch, try this on for size:

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  • I’m super super stoked for this – I also would like to suggest the possible theme and comparison/contrast with “The Natural.” And I refer to the novel, not the atrocious film with Mr. Redford.

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