Weekend Reading: Names

What We Carry, by Ted Berg, on what ballplayers can mean.

Space, Time, and DVR Mechanics, by Chuck Klosterman on Grantland. CK is easily my favorite contributor to the quite remarkable Grantland stable. Here, he explores what is, for me, a regular part of baseball writing: the DVR. For my part, I love sports on the DVR, and couldn’t get by without it (especially on the West Coast).

Dustin Ackley Hath Arrived: A Look at Reactions and Expectations from Pro Ball NW. A chronicle of “giddy.”

Baseball Players and Their Representative Volcanoes, by Jeff Sullivan at Baseball Nation.

Men Whose Names Were Unfortunate in Retrospect, by P&P Visiting Professor Patrick Dubuque at NotGraphs. Alternative title: The Ballad of Mike Stanton: No The Other Mike Stanton.

Good Old Sidney, by Alex Belth at Bronx Banter. First name bases and dog day afternoons.

2 Responses to “Weekend Reading: Names”

  • I am not a big fan of DVR sports…speaking of when I used to have cable + DVR…speaking mostly of watching soccer matches, usually EPL or Champions League, plus MLS and international stuff.

    I just did not have the patience to always stick with the match from start to finish. The emotion of the game — the angst and anticipation of near-misses, the rhythm of passing and movement, the feeling of release after a goal is scored — was stunted. And as CK alludes to, it drove me nuts to know that I could simply hop online and know exactly when the goals were coming. There is no point in watching a match if you know when the goals are coming, but sometimes I could not resist going online anyway.

    As silly as it sounds for a fan watching an Arsenal match in the attic of a home in Columbus, OH, one of the joys I experience when cheering a goal is feeling a part of the community of fans around the world. Same type of feeling when cheering a goal for Team USA such as Donovan’s World Cup match winner. I just don’t get that feeling watching it on DVR five hours later.

    Perhaps the virtue of DVR sports varies on the sport in question?

  • BTW Teddy, loved the Weaver column. Wish the Angels were getting more return on their club-record payroll! Feels like a snakebitten club at the moment, between the promising young pitcher Adenhart killed by the drunk driver and the slugging first basemen Kendry(s) Morales suffering a basically 2-year injury absence for over-celebrating a walk-off homer.

    Doesn’t help when the high profile, pricey acquisitions of late have been Vernon Wells and Scott Kazmir. Back when I followed baseball more closely than I currently do, those two dudes were studs.

    Feel free to dissect more Angels in the future! Planning to see the club when they visit Detroit in late July. You know we’re in Ann Arbor now, yes?

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