A Public Self-Service Announcement

We don’t do too much self-promotion here on Pitchers & Poets, but sometimes it’s necessary.  And as our traffic grows — which it has quite a bit in 2011, thank you new readers! — we hope that you follow the site in all its other iterations on other platforms.

We also hope that you tell your friends about P&P –the content and the podcast. We appreciate it a great deal when people spread the word. Now is a good time to do it, too, because next week we will be celebrating something everybody loves, First Basemen of the 1990s, with the help of many good friends.  With that in mind:

You can follow Ted on Twitter @Ted_PandP

You can follow me, Eric, on Twitter @ericnus

You can follow the blog itself on Twitter @pitchersnpoets

You can follow the blog on Facebook by clicking here.

You can subscribe by RSS by clicking here.

And most importantly, you can get in touch by emailing tips@pitchersandpoets.com — we love hearing from readers.

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