Pitchers and Poets Podcast 29: The Biodome with Paul Franz

In this episode, we are joined by Paul Franz to discuss the connection between Abbottabad and ex-big leaguer Jim Abbott, baseball and education, homophobic ranting and other fretful major league behavior, the Twitter musings of Will Rhymes, and the drama of repeated foul balls resulting in long at bats.

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Click here to read Paul’s blog Nicht Diese Tone.

3 Responses to “Pitchers and Poets Podcast 29: The Biodome with Paul Franz”

  • I like the intro music, but there’s a weird contrast between saying that baseball is at once an echo chamber and a place where you meet a wide range of people.

  • I don’t think so. There can be a wide range of people inside a single echo chamber (there are different types of diversity, I mean). Anyway, we’re discussing , spitballing, entertaining ideas here. Not necessarily shooting for concise and cohesive arguments on the podcast.

  • Yeah, of course. Also, at the beginning of the season ESPN Mag had an article that kind of touched on the same things you guys were pointing out–baseball players being really focused on baseball but kind of oblivious to other stuff.

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