In honor of Milton Bradley and his earplugs, Ted and I have decided to begin a campaign. In the tradition of the Rangers’ #claw and #antlers gestures, we want to get the Mariners — not just Milton to begin using #earplugs. Kind of like this:

Seeing Ichiro (or even Ryan Langerhans, or especially Bradley) do the earplugs after an RBI double would be all the vindication Ted and I could ever want as bloggers. We urge you to get in on #earplugs now. Spread the word. This isn’t a revolution, but it may be something close.

5 Responses to “#EARPLUGS”

  • Is the #earplugs motion similar to being caught in an invisible box?

  • The #earplugs motion is more like what you do when a fire truck drives by with sirens blazing — but really it is unique to what you do when celebrating the high-powered Mariner offense.

  • This is definitely a movement I can get with. #Earplugs is on some #finger guns type isht (with a comparison between Bradley and Gilbert Arenas probably not being too difficult to make, though they’re obviously different characters in different situations).

  • I envision a stadium full of people with their fingers in their ears, and I smile.

  • Well, about 15,000 people.

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