Rogue’s Baseball Index Term: Francoeurganda

Francoeurganda is a Rogue’s Baseball Index term coined by Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk, to refer to the annual Spring Training proclamations that on-base nightmare Jeff Francoeur has been working on his plate discipline and will be a new hitter this year. As yet, this form of optimistic propaganda has not preceded measurable improvement in any of the years before which it was broadcast.

According to Calcaterra, “No matter how poorly [Francoeur] does, someone is going to say that this, by gum, is the year he breaks out. No matter how little he progresses, Francoeur himself is going to say that he’s working on his plate discipline. You can set your watch by this alternate universe jive. And frankly, I’d miss it if we didn’t have it.”

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1 Responses to “Rogue’s Baseball Index Term: Francoeurganda”

  • Great term, funny and accurate. This wouldn’t be so tough if I didn’t read everywhere what a nice guy Francoeur is. You wouldn’t care if Barry Bonds kept not delivering; hell, I would have welcomed that. Francoeur is what he is, a guy who will occasionally do something that makes those who invested in him think he’s ready to do it every day, but if he was going to figure that out, we’d have done it by now.

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