Pitchers and Poets Podcast 25: Three Feet Above the Ground

The podcast is back!

In this latest episode, Eric and I discuss alternate scorekeeping ideas, the best and worst cap design list, and the most stereotypical representatives of each position.

We’re still hammering out some details, like getting the podcast back in the iTunes store, but for now you can subscribe in iTunes yourself, or via any RSS reader. Just use this feed url:


In iTunes, just click Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, then enter that url, and you’re in business.

To download the file directly, right click and Save As:


2 Responses to “Pitchers and Poets Podcast 25: Three Feet Above the Ground”

  • Oh happy day. It’s good to be home.

  • Welcome back, gentlemen. Good to hear your dulcet tones. Loved the Ichiro nugget and the extended hat discussion. Look forward to another great season of P&P posts. Oh and congrats on the antler tattoo. Josh and Elvis say hi.

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