Charlie Sheen Hits Homeruns

Ted likes to make fun of me for constantly retelling the story of when Jack Nicholson said “I’m not a fucking magician, take the cap off the pen,” after 12-year old Eric asked him for his autograph. He likes to call me name-dropper. I’m not a name-dropper, though. I just grew up in Los Angeles — Culver City at that. The New York Times recently said Culver City was a “nowhere” becoming a “somewhere.” But for as long as it’s been anywhere, movies have been made in Culver City. Sony Studios (once MGM) is there.

The point being that there were movie stars around sometimes. One of them was Charlie Sheen, who you may have read about lately. As his meltdown became increasingly legendary, I told Ted that Charlie Sheen could really hit the hell out of a baseball. He was like “huh?” And I said “seriously.”

When I was in high school in the early 2000s, Charlie Sheen would occasionally drop by our field after we were done with practice and take BP. He never spoke to any of us. But he did launch home run after home run. It was one of those slightly surreal things you think little of at the time, but realize afterward are interesting. And now there is video evidence, courtesy of the new and awesome “Let’s Go Dodgers!” Tumblr:

Maybe he’s as awesome as he says he is.

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