JoePos’d, from the Rogue’s Baseball Index

The Rogue’s Baseball Index is back with another term, reminding you of the time-sucking virtues of the Kerouac of the Keyboard, the belovedly bellicose Joe Posnanski.

In the two minutes of free time you have to catch up on baseball news, it is inevitable that your baseball-obsessed friend with weird amounts of free time will sense a weakness in your defenses and take the opportunity to send you a link to the densest, longest, most intricate baseball blog post on the internet.

Along with the link, he will send several direct questions pertaining to paragraphs eight and fourteen of this blog post, essentially demanding a detailed, nuanced response to the already detailed and nuanced blog post. You will feel obliged by the bond of comradeship to carefully read through the lengthy diatribe, tracking the cyclonic language and the crescendo of logic asserting with admirable equivocation the importance of Jeff Nelson’s role on the 2000 Yankees and the fluctuating role of the set-up man throughout the course of human history from Pompeii to 9/11.

45 minutes later, you have completed a thoughtful, well-reasoned response to your friend’s, and when you see him at the bar the next night, he will have no idea what you are talking about.

You have been JoePos’d.

The term is derived from the well-reasoned, professional-grade and incredibly long blog posts of sportswriter Joe Posnanski, whose capacity to argue vehemently for the Hall of Fame credentials of one player or another knows no bounds.

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