Podcast 24: Tim Olerud

In this latest episode of the podcast, we discuss Steven Seagal, quitting reading books, the Giants, Jeff Kent, Halloween costumes, and we converse about Pat Burrell and magnetism with special guest Caroline.

To download, right click here: Pitchers and Poets Podcast Episode 24

Poem: “Hyla Brook” by Robert Frost
Intro: The Clash
Outro: Canned Heat

1 Responses to “Podcast 24: Tim Olerud”

  • My sister was a member of the Pat Burrell fan club for a while, after seeing “the Philippines” [sic] as PHI on an out of town scoreboard.

    The baseball science fiction market is, perhaps surprisingly, extant; just in the time travel subgenre there’s the (Player name) and Me series by Dan Gutman, “Noonan”, “Tartabull’s Throw”…mostly for younger readers, maybe, but there are some. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to collaborate on a blog-produced one.

    I also think there’s a difference between enjoying a book and finding it good enough to give a prize to. Not that there necessarily /should/ be but the distinction exists.

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