This Just In! Votto Has a Sense of Humor That We All Apparently Lack

Joey Votto, via Flickr user dizbuster319 (click-through)

If it seems like I’m taking the following story a little too seriously, blame it on the combination of MLB Network’s Quickpitch and a couple of pints of Cooperstown, NY-based Ommegang Brewery‘s Abbey Ale. I toured the brewery while visiting the HOF, and just this evening learned that it was on the fridge shelf at the local grocer:

Joey Votto claims that his comment about Marlon Byrd and the Cubs was just a joke! Quoth Votto: “You can watch the video,” he said. “I gave Marlon a high 5 and patted him on the back.”

If this is true, it means that we were too harsh on Joey in our latest edition of the podcast. It also means that, once again, the dreaded limitations of print media have reared their ugly, newspaper-print-stained heads again. If it were up to me, the Internet would consist of nothing but flash videos and liveblogs from here on out. Who’s with me?

Let the record show that in the podcast I basically defended Joey Votto for saying things that he did not at all mean, and was totally joking about. Thanks, Joey. Next thing you’re gonna tell me that Bronson Arroyo was lip syncing the whole time.

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