Podcast 14: Flips, Flops, Fly Balls with Craig Robinson

In Podcast 14 we are joined by illustrator Craig Robinson of the brilliant Flip Flop Fly Ball.  We use the word Brilliant, in part, because Mr. Robinson is English. How and why an Englishman became baseball’s foremost progenitor of cerebral infographics is our main topic of discussion. Also: Vladmir Putin’s chest, Stephen Strasburg’s socks, the best and worst in major league uniforms.

Right-click here to download.

A sample of Mr. Robinson's work.

4 Responses to “Podcast 14: Flips, Flops, Fly Balls with Craig Robinson”

  • This was a very enjoyable podcast – I was a fan of Mr. Robinson, and now I am of you two also.

    Quick question: what was the music at the end of the podcast?

    Mont Chris Hubbard

  • Thanks Mont Chris,

    The song is Freelance Whales — Generator Second Floor. Courtesy of Ted’s iTunes. Glad you enjoyed the podcast.

  • Great podcast.

    I’m glad the Strasburg debut exposed you to Nationals announcers. If there is one human who best fits the description “polar opposite of Vin Scully,” it is Rob Dibble. That guy yells for balls to go over the heads of opposing outfielders while his partner is trying to give the play-by-play. I’ve even heard him cheer an opposing player make an error resulting in a Nationals run. They’re the worst.

  • Awesome podcast guys. Robinson’s work is some of my favorite on the Internet, and you guys are with words what he is with images. A great combination leading to a great conversation.


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