Podcast 12: Lovitz is Not Bigger Than Baseball

In the latest episode of the podcast, we play the name game, we play for the Lovitz of the game and talk about lots of other things like Roy Oswalt and Geoff Blum and baseball cards and Mark Buehrle and more.

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7 Responses to “Podcast 12: Lovitz is Not Bigger Than Baseball”

  • Perhaps the Astros’ irrational love of Geoff Blum derives from seeing him at the pinnacle (remember *those* baseball cards?) moment of his career. That being hitting the game winning home run for my beloved White Sox in game 3 of the ’05 World Series in the top of the 14th. Thus elevating him from obscurity in White Sox history to mid-level obscurity.

    As for players who keep showing up on the White Sox it’s hard to say because they turned over a large portion of the roster this year. Though certainly Scott Linebrink would make the list. In the past it was post-2005 Juan Uribe. And this year I can already tell in the future it’s going to be Mark Teahen.

  • Juan Uribe seems like a natural for the role. It’s amazing how a player who is purportedly ‘versatile’ can use that to veil their mediocrity.

    As for Blum, I think you’re right. It’s the same reason that the Cardinals would never touch Brad Lidge with a ten foot pole.

  • If I were a GM of the Mariners or the Mets for a day, my “Geoff Blum insta-cuts” would be:

    Jose Lopez and Jeff Francoeur. Both of them need to go to walking school, badly.

    I would miss Jose Lopez running/scurrying around the bases however.

  • Lopez is DQed, Kenneth, sorry: these have to be players that you utterly despise on every level. You can’t like them even in an ironic or goofy sense. If there’s anything you’d miss about them (as I said, even ironically), they’re out. Francoeur seems like a good candidate.

    By the way, thanks for listening, guys!

  • 10 Letters, 2 syllables: Chris Young.

  • I accidentally hit enter while typing “Ted’s dog the intern” as my name. That last comment is from me, not Ted.

    By the way, thanks for sharing that Jack Nicholson story with the world. I tell everyone who will listen.

  • I was about to argue that Chris Young is disqualified from the name/syllable contest because Chris is short for Christopher. Then it hit me that Geoff is short for Geoffrey.

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