Jose Lima (1972-2010)

He had his greatest successes with the Astros and Dodgers — our favorite teams. But in any and every uniform, Jose Lima was a joy to behold. People like him, careers like his, triumphs and failures like those he embodied are why we we continue to love baseball. (Pic via Andy Hutchins)

3 Responses to “Jose Lima (1972-2010)”

  • In 2002 I was fortunate enough to score some 2nd row seats right above the visiting dugout at Safeco Field. Jose Lima took the mound for the Tigers that night. He got completely lit up – gave up 6 runs and got maybe one guy out. On his way back to the dugout, fans around me stood up to give him a sarcastic ovation.

    Jose could’ve just kept his head down and walked back into the dugout, but instead he looked up, chuckled, and tipped his hat.

    That’s my only Jose Lima experience but he seemed like a good guy. Sad news about his passing.

  • Normally I’m not a fan of players who display a lot of emotion on the field; as it usually comes across as forced and contrived. I didn’t get that impression when I watched Jose on the field and in the dugout. His joy seemed very organic, and I never felt like he was wearing his emotions on his sleeve with the intention to “show up” any other player. Baseball needs more characters like Jose Lima, before we head to a day when the only way to differentiate the players is by their statistics. RIP Jose.

  • Nice. Brief, sincere and to the point. Wished I saw him play more.

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