Weekend Reading: Nothing To Do With the NBA Playoffs Edition

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I read a lot of great stuff this week, so here goes:

  • Walkoff Walk has been absolutely killing it lately. Basically go there and read everything.  Now!
  • Dayn Perry reminds us just how good Ted Williams was.
  • Joe Posnanski reminds just how cool Robin Roberts was.
  • Vin Scully reminds us just how touched Ernie Harwell was.
  • NY Football Giants Fan Mark Weinstein the Bluenatic has written two great essays in a row:
    • The heartbreaking story of how he almost edited Josh Wilker’s Cardboard Gods book (which unfortunately is no longer outselling Sarah Palin’s memoir)
    • An eloquent and poetry-infused(!) reflection on his young daughter and how fandom is inherited/passed on.
  • ESPN the Mag is holding a sports fiction contest? Yep (pdf).  It’s in conjunction with the new-ish Stymie Mag.
  • There was a podcast yesterday. Listen up before it’s too late. Or subscribe via itunes.

    Before the Kingdome, before Safeco, there was Sick's Stadium (click for full size)

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