Podcast 9: Dinner Party Draft

In this episode, we discuss baseball broadcasters in the wake of Ernie Harwell’s death, determine the three types of All-Star voters, and plan our ideal baseball dinner party.

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2 Responses to “Podcast 9: Dinner Party Draft”

  • Not to sound overly xenophobic, but all 5 of my guests would have to be fairly comfortable speaking English. Otherwise the dinner could have too many awkward silences and the depth of the conversations would be very shallow.

    My table of 5 would include:

    1)Ichiro: What would he wear? Would he bring his interpreter? His quotes are often deep and/or hilarious. Just a fascinating guy.

    2)Jamie Moyer: In the majors since 1986. Pitched in his first World Series at age 45+. Played with the likes of: Eckersley, Palmeiro, Ripken Jr., Mussina, Valenzuela, Griffey, A-Fraud, etc. He and his wife are two of the most chariable people on Earth and she is the daughter of Digger Phelps. There is no way our table would run out of things to discuss.

    3)Manny Ramirez: I’m a bit worried he may fall asleep or leave unexpectedly. If he stays focused, hopefully we’d be able to coax him to tell us some of his ridiculous anecdotes.

    4)Jason Heyward: Need some young blood at the table. It’d be interesting to hear a young player’s perspective of different topics, and he seems to have good head on his shoulders. Plus, I can shower him with the praise he deserves for carrying a few of my fantasy teams. Just what he would want to hear, I’m sure.

    5)Bronson Arroyo: Rounding out the 5 with a musician. He does a serviceable cover of “Plush” by STP and can provide background music for the many stories Jamie Moyer tells.

  • Guys,

    Thanks you for another post.

    I share this with everyone I know and sometimes it gets me through the day. You kick Ass. Can I say that?

    Keep it going!!!!


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