Podcast 7: The Perfect Trade

In Podcast #7, we mourn the retirement of Eric Gagne and contemplate the decline of David Ortiz.  We can’t help getting all hyperbolic over Jason Heyward, and bringing Casey McGeehee and other overachievers down to earth. We ask the age old questions: talent or athleticism? Scouts or stats? What’s it like to hug Matt Kemp? How does it feel to live in Jason Heyward’s massive shadow? (That’s you, Matt Wieters). Most importantly, we contemplate the perfect symmetry of the Josh Hamilton — Edinson Volquez trade and it’s possible impact on the economy.

Special cameos from Shawn Carter, Turtle from Entourage, Jaime Moyer, and Celine Dion. Update: Not to mention my (Eric’s) favorite actor of all time, Danny Trejo

If the spelling of Ty Wigginton’s last name has confounded you for years, get this podcast in your ears:

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