Weekend Reading: World Domination Edition

200 in Roman Numerals is CC

This is our 200th post.  So before we get to the  Weekend Reading portion, Ted and I wanted to try something new: namely request feedback. This is both general and specific request. Generally, feel free tell us some things about the blog. How is it doing? What do you like/dislike?

Specifically, we want you to suggest topics for the podcast. We are always looking for relevant and interesting topics. If there is anything you’d like us to discuss, please post it into the comments section of any post, or shoot us an email at tips(at)pitchersandpoets(dot)com.  Also, after listening to said podcasts, you are always free to tell us how dumb/smart/funny/lame we are by comment or email.

An example of this would be this (very minor spoiler alert): In yesterday’s Podcast 6: Jackie Robinson Day I bemoaned the Red Sox taking so long to integrate their team. I was, however, unable to recall the name of their first African-American player, Pumpsie Green. That’s the kind of thing we rely on you folks for: knowledge.

Onward with the links…

  • The Rogue’s Baseball Index has never been in higher gear. This week, we brought you The Official Sponsor, Old Milwaukee, and The Fantasy Paradox.
  • At least one person is reading: Larry Granillo of the idiosyncratic Wezen-Ball brings us the complete history of Old Milwaukee (“the title bestowed upon the eldest active member of the Milwaukee Brewer roster”).
  • Meanwhile, Ted is exploring his new found Mariner fandom. Every Day Ichiro is as flashy as a thousand  Japanese Paparazzi cameras at Safeco Field, and far more contemplative.
  • It’s not baseball, but it’s still a blog. I’ve joined a few friends in exploring HBO and David Simon’s  new series TremeWhat About Treme?
  • MLB Network take’s the words “Filler Content” to new, trance-inducing heights (Walkoff Walk).

2 Responses to “Weekend Reading: World Domination Edition”

  • Is the podcast available for download anywhere? So far I’ve only listened to it here, on the site, and I love it, but I would love it even more if I could download it and take it with me on my Zune.

  • Get an ipod…no seriously, we’re working on that.

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