Podcast #2: Beginnings and Endings

In this, the second Pitchers & Poets podcast, Ted and I discuss everything from rotisserie chicken to rotisserie baseball. And that’s just in the last five minutes. We discuss a pair of big-time retirements that happened this Winter, namely Nomar Garciaparra* and Frank Thomas. I talk about why I want to be Nomar’s friend, and Ted explains why he prefers The Big Hurt stylistically to his 1990s AL co-star Ken Griffey Jr.

Next it’s onto Spring Training and the early shock of seeing players in new uniforms — especially the hideous alternate jerseys and mesh caps worn in the Florida and Arizona sunshine.  Finally, we bring it around to baseball books, discussing in particular Sam Walker’s 2006 gem Fantsyland**, which leads us, of course, to the all-important chickens.

*This is a cool story: when I was 9 or 10, my mom broke her ankle. In physical therapy, she met this nice young man who was a minor league baseball player for the Red Sox. He was very friendly and polite, she said when she got home, and he signed you and your brothers autographs. He had a funny name. Needless to say, we were quite shocked to see that same guy become Nomar Garciaparra and win the AL Rookie of the Year a short time later.

**Fantasyland was bought for me by my aunt Shelly who heard an NPR interview in which the book was praised. It sat on my shelf for a few months before it was recommended a second time by Corban Goble of Epilogue Magazine. Thank you to both of them making me pick up this book. Buy it here.

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