Enter the Podcast!

This week, Pitchers & Poets turns One. To mark this momentous and surprising occasion, here is the inaugural PnP podcast. We’ve kept things short — it’s only about twenty minutes — so please give it a listen.

5 Responses to “Enter the Podcast!”

  • Very enjoyable listening, I must say. It felt like a very natural conversation; which is the most important part of a podcast to me. Another plus was that neither of your melodious, soothing voices grated on my ears like Dave Cameron’s or Matthew Berry’s.

    One suggestion for future podcasts would be to give a primer or brief description in the post of what topics you will be discussing.

  • Great debut – you guys make a great team.. 2 thoughts… narrative matters because we need to know who to bet on in Vegas and why the obsession with fantasy baseball? 2 words – fantasy and baseball! Just kidding but really enjoyed the podcast and looking forward to hearing future ones. I agree with Kenneth, you both have great radio voices

  • Good job, guys. I’ll second Kenneth’s comment–you both were very natural-sounding.

    Eric– Be sure to reference little league experiences from this season after we start.

    Ted– I don’t know you, but you sound like a cool guy to talk baseball with.

    Looking forward to your next cast.

  • raw, but soothing.

  • I enjoyed and agree with just about everything the two of you discussed (apart from Eric’s misguided “jumping into the lake” metaphor).

    Regarding baseball books, I recently read ‘Satchel’ by Larry Tye, the first baseball book I’ve touched in a long time, and I loved it. It fits into the exact category you described, I enjoyed it because I knew nothing of his career so the mysteries of Satchel Paige as a character were able to play out.

    Great work.

    PS. Eric, if I borrowed your copy of ‘My Favorite Summer 1956’ to read when when I was 12, I have it if you ever want it back.

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