Weekend Reading: Gearing Up for Spring

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  1. A dream job for a wannabe catcher: John Harper of the NY Daily News straps on the tools of ignorance and catches a round of bullpen work from Johan Santana.
  2. Roy Halladay is a hard worker, according to Philly.com’s Rich Hofmann. Is it me, or is it mostly just players who are really good that get called hard workers (David Eckstein excluded)? You could work your ass off, stink, and get no pub for it whatsoever. (Which is probably the way it should be).
  3. It’s an old blog post from last year, but this MLBlog entry from Gordon Beckham feels less PR-filtered than a lot of the player blogs. Plus we get to go back to a time when he was a nervous rookie rather than a quickly rising star.
  4. Would or should Rawlings move baseball production operations back to Haiti? Richard Sandomir of NYT asks what it would take, and what the implications might be.
  5. “Branch Rickey made me a better man.” The passing of a Mr. Baseball. I didn’t know who Bobby Bragan was during his lifetime, but I wish I had.
  6. Olympics! Tough out Snowpacolageddonypse with Eric’s round-up of 10 Great Winter Olympic moments over at Tonic.

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