You May Have Noticed…

There is suddenly an advertisement in our sidebar of our home page. That is because Pitchers & Poets has taken on an official sponsor in Barry’s Tickets.  Through their site, and, they offer great deals on baseball tickets nation-wide. Even better, they don’t add a pesky service charge. In the coming week or two, we’ll also work a system out where PnP readers can get 10% off all tickets bought through the website.

Ted and I want you to know that we didn’t go about this process lightly. This blog has grown up a great deal the last six months, and we’d begun to think about advertising some time before the agreement was struck with Barry’s. We want to ensure you that absolutely nothing changes on the site content-wise (same boys you’ve always known), and that we’re still blogging econo. We don’t do this for the money. It’s just nice to have a little something to show for it.

We’ll drop you a line when the 10% discount code is up and running. Meanwhile, please welcome our official sponsor with good eye contact and firm handshakes.


Eric and Ted.

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  • Good luck to Barry’s Tickets, I wish you guys well. Anyone to compete with Ticketmaster is alright in my book. And congratulations Eric and Ted you guys work hard, good to see your effort get noticed.

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