Weekday Reading: End Days

I’m really digging this song. Especially the sample.

1. I will jump at any opportunity to promote and preach the gospel of hockey on this blog. So here’s this awesome photo tour of Fenway Park, as of today, America’s largest ice rink.  If you’re gonna watch one regular season NHL game this year, make it the Winter Classic on Jan. 1 between the Boston Bruins and underachieving Philadelphia Flyers. It’s hockey at Fenway! (via Puck Daddy)

2. Meet Welby Sheldon “Buddy” Bailey, an American in Caracas, and the manager of Venezuela’s most successful professional baseball team of the last decade.  (via NY Times).

3. Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax! (via Ron Kaplan).

4. Josh Wilker nominates the most literary back-of-card bio in the history of baseball cards and in doing so reminds me why his incoming book is my most anticipated of 2010. (via Cardboard Gods).

5. I was at once saddened and amazed by the Walkoff Walk End of Decade Personality Compendium Infocaps. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

6. Happy New Year from PnP. Big RBI news coming on the flip side.

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