Explorations in Baseball Nerdiness

Nerdiness and baseball are frequent bedfellows. Bloggers in their mother’s basements, Steve Bartman, Excel spreadsheets, hyper-focused statistical analysis, George Will…the list really does go on and on. Another bastion of the super nerdy, a practice so odd and pointless that it makes listeners uncomfortable in conversation, is the animated .gif. Peewee Herman eating a cartoon ice cream cone, Pokemon characters doing strange things to Mad Men actors; whatever you’ve got, chances are good that someone has created a .gif that animates them doing strange things.

Recently, when I should have been doing something productive, I joined these two stalwarts of the socially questionable. I created a baseball-themed animated .gif. Without further ado, and with no point or purpose whatsoever other than the work one can do with Photoshop and a web tutorial, I present:


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