Offday Reading: The Longest Day

Edit: Stop reading this post right now! Instead, read Ted and I’s “etherview” with FanGraphs destroyer Carson Cistulli. If you are here  for the first time via said interview, then welcome, please make yourself comfortable.

In order to help you through these frozen hours before the World Series does or doesn’t end tomorrow, we bring you some rare weekday reading. And this awesome John Wayne clip from The Longest Day that I hope both managers are showing their teams. “We came here to take something. We’re gonna take it and hold it!”

  • Google Reader maven Tommy Bennett is taking over the reigns at Beyond the Box Score. Check out his insightful baseball analysis manifesto.
  • Josh Wilker is at his best this morning with a reflection covering World Series records both glorious and inglourious, Chase Utley’s hair, and the decline and fall of the triple.
  • Patrick Brown has put together an extended essay on baseball’s place in the sports media industrial landscape for The Millions . His ideas about baseball and the internet are both sweeping and a pleasure to read. (tip of the cap to Reeves W.)
  • Jonah Keri is at his best when writing about the Expos, including Pedro Martinez.

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