Weekend Reading: Mays, the Babe and a Botch

Willie Mays installation by Thom Ross

Postseason play is heating up big-time. In the baseball season’s transition from endings to beginnings, a number of people around the game have looked back a ways in this past week:

  • Artist Thom Ross is on a mission of unforgetting. In this case, he’s toting his mural of the famous Willie Mays catch to the scene of its enactment: he and friends placed the installation on the exact spot that the catch was made. SI.com
  • Recently undiscovered home video footage of Babe Ruth at the bat confirms that he took his sweet time about it. New York Times
  • Fangraph’s Dave Cameron ensures surly Cards fans that Thursday’s loss wasn’t all Matt Holliday’s fault. Fangraphs
  • Paul DePodesta reminds us of the trials and the tears of a career in baseball’s front office. It Might Be Dangerous
  • Stuart Shea offers a poem to the soon-to-move-on. Bardball

1 Responses to “Weekend Reading: Mays, the Babe and a Botch”

  • The New York Times thing on Ruth was fantastic. I love that footage.

    The mural is really nice too. And as for Stuart Shea, all I can say is: He is trying to forge in the smithy of his soul the consciousness of the pennant race.

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