Celebrity Rogue #9: Kris ‘Catshirt’ Liakos of Walkoff Walk Serving Up a Creampuff

RBI_rogue marketing post_read above a texas league levelThe Rogue’s go marching on as we introduce to you a term by philosopher and scribe Kris Liakos of Walkoff Walk. His term is pure WoW, and reminds me of that time he emailed me during the first week of Pitchers and Poets’ meager existence¬† with the headline “Who the fuck are you guys?”


Creampuff (n), Kr-eem-puff: The baseball player equipped with all necessary tools aside from a functioning body. Clearly meant to play baseball by virtue of his status as a major leaguer, a level not reached by just any dope, his nemesis is the very vessel that got him there. Creaks, cracks, aches and breaks accompany the Creampuff around the bases as often as his cleats. For him, the infield hit isn’t a hustle play, it’s a stupid move that taunts a heretofore healthy hamstring. He knows it, the manager knows it, the hamstring knows it, and you do too.

Notable Creampuffs include:

  • Rich Harden
  • Mike Hampton
  • Milton Bradley

For more of such wisdom see the Rogue’s Baseball Index.

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