Celebrity Rogue #11: Drew aka Lloyd the Barber’s Caroms Cosmic and Chins Hidden

RBI_rogue marketing post_joe morganOur 11th celebrity rogue is a double-duty blogger, over at Blue Jay-themed Ghostrunner on First, and seafood  on treadmills themed Walkoff Walk (anybody notice the WoW sandwich today?). His passions, besides Vernon Wells, include deep analysis of the strange body language that accompanies major league defense.

The Cosmic Carom

When an infielder responds to missing a grounder through the legs via a bad bounce by staring dejectedly to the heavens, as if to blame the orbiting moon and prevailing gravities for affecting the path of the ground ball. The head back, wide-legged stare is held long enough to convey victimhood, but just short of interrupting regular cutoff-man duties for fear of angering the baseball gods further.

Similar to I’m At A Loss, as both events are tragic outcomes born from the routine.

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The Hidden Chin

The outfield equivalent of the Cosmic Carom, the yin tot the I’m At A Loss yang. With a runner on second base, an outfielder charges a base hit with “outfield assist” on his mind. Should thoughts of unloading the canon supersede thoughts of fielding the batted ball, the Hidden Chin will result. The ball sneaks under the fielders glove, rolling unmolested to the fence. The fielder stops, turns, and sprints head down to retrieve.

Tomorrow, alas, marks the end our Rogue Parade. We’ll bring you terms termed up by men who have written actual books — not just on the internet, but on paper. As always, for more, see the Rogue’s Baseball Index.

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