Celebrity Rogue #7: EastWindupChronicle Brings 3 New Terms from Asian Baseball

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Aaron of East Windup Chronicle brings us today’s Celebrity Rogue terminology. Being the Asian-centered baseball blog that they are, these EWC contributions have a certain overseas flair.

The Nervous Lee

When a Korean baseball manager, attempting to play match-ups, changes relief pitchers four or more times in a single half inning.

The Taipei Sizzle

The Taipei Sizzle is the practice of fixing baseball games in the Chinese Professional Baseball League during the early to mid part of the 21st century.

Pocket Crayon Washing Machine

In Japanese baseball, when a colorfully dressed mascot celebrates a home run by doing back flips all the way down the third base line alongside the hitter.

For more of these gems, visit the Rogue’s Baseball Index and make your mother proud.

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