Celebrity Rogue #5: Evan aka HighLeveragePerformer — “For His Career”

RBI_rogue marketing post_wambsganssThis afternoon’s Rogue Term was written by our  friend Evan aka HighLevelPerformer,  of the inimitable Astros blog The Crawfish Boxes. So sit down, kick up your feet, and take a break from speculating about the likelihood of Jim Fregosi manning the Houston bench in 2010. Instead, enjoy this term describing a phenomenon that is as nonsensical as it is ubiquitous in both its gamely application and announcerly utilization.

For His Career

This is a term utilized by play by play broadcasters to take note of a batter-pitcher interaction that is currently in progress, juxtaposing any past confrontations the two players may have had with the one going on presently. The point of the For His Career notation is to give the listener an indication of what will happen, just before it actually does. As a general rule, the actual number of past interactions, whether it be 8 at bats or 9, does not impact a broadcaster’s utilization of the For His Career. See also, Small Sample Size.


Play by play announcer: “For his career, Teddy Ballsmacker is 1/1 against Horatio Inningseater.”

Color Commentator: “Ooooohhh…with a history likes that, Inningseater is going to have a tough time getting out of this pickle.”

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