Celebrity Rogue #4: Reeves Wiedeman of Meanderings introduces “Those Fountains”

RBI_rogue marketing post_jock strapOur cleanup hitter in this parade of celebrity rogue contributors is Reeves Wiedeman, checker of facts, and sharer of ideas at his blog Meanderings. Reeves has also written for real newspapers such as the Boston Globe. His term, while rooted firmly in the Kansas City of his youth, sprays water and wisdom on baseball stadiums of all geographies.

Those Fountains

A stadium feature that comes to define a baseball team in the public consciousness more than its on-field performance (i.e. those fountains in the outfield of Kansas City’s Kaufman Stadium). The term is most often used when the team in question stinks, and thus its on-field performance is a subject to be avoided. One exception of note is “That Big Green Wall,” which will in perpetuity overshadow any success had by the Boston Red Sox.

Contemporary synonyms include:

-Those Kayakers In Right Field
-The Swimming Pool
-That Sign That Used To Tally Cal Ripken’s Consecutive Games
-The Rally Monkey

Example in conversation:

Royals fan to Yankees fan: “So, Jeter and the Boys are really pickin’ it up this year, huh?” Yankees fan to Royals fan: “So, Those Fountains are nice, huh?”

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  • “That Flag Pole in Center Field” seems like a worthwhile addition to this list. Houston could win 5 consecutive titles and I’d still think of them as the team with the pole.

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