5 Responses to “Welcome to the Rogue’s Baseball Index”

  • Yo Ted and Eric, I am really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish but Basketbawful has one of the best sports lexicons of all time!

  • Very cool. Went straight to Fashion to see if the Dad Cap was represented. Can pictures be added?

  • Nice work, fellas. The site already has a nice, clever feel to it. Best of luck.

  • @Alex. If you don’t mind, I’ll stand here in my silver gown with a quizzical scowl and wait for you to stumble away to your after-party at the basketball courts.

    @Adah. Not sure, pending, maybe, who knows.

    @Steve, thanks!

  • The RBI is great, and well overdue. Thanks for creating it. Any chance you’ll add a category for the highly-competitive, friendship-destroying sport we call fantasy baseball? Maybe some terms like “the five tool fantasy stud” or “the holds hero”?

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