Celebrity Rogue #1: The MSB from SOSG Orel

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Kicking off our week of all things Rogue’s Baseball Index, our first celebrity rogue term comes from Orel Hershiser, that famed Son of Steve Garvey, whose contribution touches on the twerpier side of baseball:


The MSB is a pejorative term for a tiny, annoying player, often a middle infielder. The Mini Sirloin Burger at Jack in the Box? Tasty. Getting beat by a player who looks small enough to fit in Ryan Howard’s back pocket? Like a mouthful of ashes. Such annoying players can be identified by these media-friendly descriptors: Pesky. Grit. Hustle. (The non-media-friendly version? Pain in the ass.) The MSB rarely puts up impressive numbers, but always seems to be knocking in the game-winning run against your team — on a bloop single, naturally.

Current MSBs include:

* David Eckstein (listed at 5’7″)
* Craig Counsell (amazingly, listed at 6’0″)
* Maicer Izturis (listed at 5’8″)

For more of these gems, don’t forget to visit the Rogue’s Baseball Index.

2 Responses to “Celebrity Rogue #1: The MSB from SOSG Orel”

  • Nice, and very funny. I’d like to add Fred Stanley and Brian Doyle to this list. Both 5;10″ (yeah, right) and 160 pounds.

  • MSB is good. An even better acronym, often used by players – and first heard by me in the bar at the St. Louis Ritz Carlton during a Dodgers/Cardinals series – is the UMOT. Ugliest Man On Team. The Dodgers’ UMOT that year (2000) will remain unnamed here, but it was neither Kevin Elster, Hiram Bocachica, Adrian Beltre, “Elvis” Park, Todd Hundley nor Orel Hershiser …

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