Weekend Reading: Twitpocalypse Now

Whoah, it’s a Weekend Reading post. Without further ado, your weekly dose of Robert Duvall and some nice bullet points:

  • Matt Wieters!
  • Dan Quisenberry!
  • Fernando Perez, new Tampa Ray call up and old school South American poet, has penned a very nice, but slightly sentimentalist essay for Poetry Magazine. Me? Jealous? Nah (via the scoop stealers over at Walkoff Walk)
  • Lions in Winter: Former Situational Essayist Reeves shares three fantastic  profiles of over-the-hill baseball gods over at Meanderings. Go over there, then guess which of the recommendations was mine, then fill up his comment section with odes to my taste when it comes to long form journalism.
  • Craig Calcaterra has written a moving essay on growing up with Ernie Harwell, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. I really believe that nobody can shape a baseball fan’s experience more evocatively than a broadcaster.
  • A silly press release arrived in the PnP inbox this morning from the union representing Aramark stadium concession employees.  I’d have deleted it right away, but I think they merit attention for creativity, finding the first practical explanation of Pythagorean Luck.

In a comparison between teams with home stadiums that use Aramark and teams with home stadiums that do not, Workers United found that non-Aramark teams’ average luck is 40 and Aramark teams’ average luck is -1.93.”

And some bad news: I accidentally deleted the Pitchers and Poets twitter account. It was a mistake and it should be back up soon.  Please don’t tell Ted.

Update: Twitter is back. Still don’t tell Ted.

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