Poem Of The Week: Missoula Softball Tournament

This week’s poem is an ode to baseball at its most local and summer at its most hopeful by Richard Hugo, a great Seattle poet (and like Tim Lincecum and myself, a great UW Husky). Dig Missoula Softball Tournament, and this 1973 Topps edition of Richard Hugo, courtesy of Ted.

This summer, most friends out of townrichard hugo card
and no wind playing flash and dazzle
in the cottonwoods, music of the Clark Fork stale,
I’ve gone back to the old ways of defeat,
the softball field, familiar dust and thud,
pitcher winging drops and rises, and wives,
the beautiful wives in the stands, basic, used,
screeching runners home, infants unattended
in the dirt. A long triple sails into right center.
Two men on. Shouts from dugout: go, Ron, go.
Life is better run from. Distance to the fence,
both foul lines and dead center, is displayed.

I try to steal the tricky manager’s signs.
Is hit-and-run the pulling of the ear?
The ump gives pitchers too much low inside.
Injustice? Fraud? Ancient problems focus
in the heat. Bad hop on routine grounder.
Close play missed by the team you want to win.
Players from the first game, high on beer,
ride players in the field. Their laughter
falls short of the wall. Under lights, the moths
are momentary stars, and wives, the beautiful wives
in the stands now take the interest they once feigned,
oh, long ago, their marriage just begun, years
of helping husbands feel important just begun,
the scrimping, the anger brought home evenings
from degrading jobs. This poem goes out to them.
Is steal-of-home the touching of the heart?
Last pitch. A soft fly. A can of corn
the players say. Routine, like mornings,
like the week. They shake hands on the mound.
Nice grab on that shot to left. Good game. Good game.
Dust rotates in their headlight beams.
The wives, the beautiful wives are with their men.

3 Responses to “Poem Of The Week: Missoula Softball Tournament”

  • First off, can’t believe you watched and commented on the entire Baseball Tonite Show. Wowzers.

    Second: great poem. A bunch of awesome lines. “Life is better run from” “…and wives, the beautiful wives in the stands, basic, used.” “Ancient problems focus
    in the heat/” Great stuff.

  • “…years of
    helping husbands feel important just begun.” So Hugo. So America. What happened to his America? Jim Bodeen

  • Hopefully we take back Hugo’s America. Remember he was an American fighting man on bomber missions in World War II. Great poet, great man. Now all we have is rap and other crap. Sung by people that burn our flag and want the world given to them. We need more Richard Hugos.

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