Poem Of The Week: Along Came Ruth

I’ve been wanting to get into more of the early 20th century genre of baseball poetry as written by sports writers. None of the vague stuff, no complicated metaphors or symbolism. Nope. This is fun, this is baseball poem as offshoot of game recap. Anyway, we start with Ford C. Frick, former newspaperman, NL president, and MLB commish:

You step up to the platter
And you gaze with flaming hate
At the poor benighted pitcher
As you dig in at the plate.
You watch him cut his fast ball loose,
Then swing your trusty bat
And you park one in the bleachers-
Nothing’s simpler than that!

For those of you in the market for more modern day poetry, just change the title to Along Came Albert.

3 Responses to “Poem Of The Week: Along Came Ruth”

  • It’s amazing to me, that not so long ago, relatively, poems were featured in newspapers. Could you imagine, Mike Lupica writing a poem in his column today? Or going to a MSM site, like sportsline.com and seeing a poem about football there. Very strange.

  • Just imagine Scoop Jackson writing poetry? I shudder at the thought.

  • Thanks Eric for posting this. At Bardball.com, we’re trying to do what the old beatwriters did, with fresh, quick poems for the current baseball season. Sometimes libelous, sometimes not, but it sure is a lot of fun.

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