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Say yes to pitcher Dave Stieb and you can transform his legacy.

Dave Stieb, of the Toronto Blue Jays, is one of the thousands of ex-big leaguers waiting for a sponsor. His page is newly available and for just 18 cents a day, you can give him a chance to escape Baseball Reference anonymity by providing his page with a clever anecdote, fond memory or completely unrelated advertisement.

Player Report:

Dave Stieb was a very effective pitcher in the 1980s. Besides an unfortunate mullet/mustache combo (forgivable for pitchers of his era and any person who has ever lived in Canada), Stieb has no obvious physical or mental disabilities. In fact, he averaged 230 innings over a 162 game season throughout a 16 year career! He also is the namesake of a very detailed but apparently-too-thrifty-to-sponsor-its-idol Blue Jays Blog, Tao Of Stieb. And don’t let the fact that Dave is tied with Frank Tanana and Kid Nichols for 35th all time in hit batsman fool you into thinking he’s a bad guy — Dave Stieb is a born-again Christian! Support from a fan like you might remind people  outside of the greater Ontario region how good this six-time All Star, the only pitcher ever honored on the Toronto Blue Jay Level Of Excellence, really was.

Some fun facts about Dave:

-Dave is the subject of a really nauseating pop-punk song by a band called Sewing With Nancie!

-Dave had no-hitters broken up with 2 outs in the 9th in consecutive 1988 starts. But in 1990, he finally got one.

-Dave is in the Baseball Think Factory Hall of Merit

-In his one season on the Hall of Fame ballot, Dave received just 7 votes. Ridiculous!

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