Poem Of The Week: Anthony Claggett

Short little poem this week by Hart Seely and a link to a website from which it came: Bardball, whose mission is  “reviving the art of baseball doggerel.”

Anthony Claggett,
Your fastball, they flag it.
It floats like a maggot,
They wait there and tag it.
Throw harder, or bag it.
Anthony Claggett.

Anthony Claggett,
We’ll rip you in agate,
Your body, we’ll drag it.
Meet quim, you best shag it.
Or, otherwise, bag it.
Anthony Claggett.

Take the time to explore Bardball, it’s worth more than just a passing look. Seely is worth more than just a passing look too –he’s responsible for the fantastic Poetry of Sarah Palin piece from Slate last election season.

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