Baseball Mixtape: Cooperstown by the Felice Brothers

Great tune from  a band of fiddle and accordion playing/soulish/bobby d and the band-esque rockers who actually grew up near Cooperstown.  No cheesy John Fogerty stuff or annoying overdone sound effects of a roaring crowd; just a nice acoustic ballad about baseball. The verses, taken by themselves, are almost like little haikus. Here’s a smattering:

Oh Ty Cobb, you’re dead and gone.
You had a game like a war machine.
And through the great Hall of Fame, you wandered.

Tigers Field. A girl in heels.
She had a face like a magazine.
And through the long metal stands she wandered.

The ball soars. And the crowd roars.
And the scoreboard sweetly hums.
And tomorrow you’ll surely know who’s won.

I’m on first and you’re on third.
And the wolves are all between.
And everyone’s sure that the game is over.

The catcher’s hard, He’s mean and hard.
And he nips at the batter’s heels.
And everyone’s sure that the game is over.

The Felice Brothers- Cooperstown

If you dig it, the Felice Brothers’ new album, Yonder Is The Clock, is worth a spin. Especially for the more upbeat tracks.

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