Bernie Smooth

Fact:  The no. 30 Smooth Jazz album on is ‘The Journey Within’ by Bernie Williams. (Released in 2003)

Question: Is this because A.) Bernie Williams is famous, B.) Bernie Williams is actually a much better musician than you ever noticed, or C.) The only other artist in America willing to self-identify as  a Smooth Jazz perform is Kenny G and he has only put out 29 albums?

Much more startling fact: Bernie’s new collection, ‘Moving Forward,’ dropped April 14. It features (no shit) a duet with Bruce Springsteen. As I type this, it’s the no. 99 album on all of Amazon, and no. 1 in Latin Jazz. I wonder what, artistically, prompted Bernie to shift from smooth to Latin jazz. But I guess we can’t really try and categorize or quantify artistic growth.

All 3  (completely non-partisan and in no way Yankee fan) reviewers on Amazon have given ‘Moving Forward’ 5 stars. Dig the praise from user Brooklyn’s Air Force:

If you like guitar music, it’s a base hit. It you like latin music, it’s a double. If you like jazz, it’s a triple. If you like listening to music that let’s you sit back and relax or move your neck and feet it is an inside the park homerun. I purchased this one then went back and brought his first album. Springsteen was hard on my ears, but he is the boss. Williams is a very talented musician!

Gee, I hope to hell he’s overstating it! If we are really living in a world where The Boss is ‘hard on the ears’ compared to Bernie Williams, I have a great deal of painful soul-searching to do.

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