And Sometimes The Stories Tell Themselves

Winton Silva, on the mound for San Diego as I type this, has the kind of history made for a movie. From Tom Krasovic in the SD Tribune:

Nine years ago, at age 23, Silva was a dishwasher at an Outback Steakhouse in Palm Desert and taking classes at the College of the Desert.

Four years ago, he pitched in a Sunday league near Los Angeles.

“I needed the money,” he said of his semi-pro days in Baldwin Park.

Tonight’s gig?

A start against Manny Ramirez and the $96 million Los Angeles Dodgers. Silva, the No. 3 starter for the Padres, will be making his major league debut.

It’s not that I don’t want the Dodgers to knock him around, it’s just that I hope that his next start, against some less important team, is a successful one.

Also, who plays Winton Silva in the inevitable movie? I don’t think Kevin Costner is really cut out for the role.

(h/t Dodger Thoughts)

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