Poem Of The Week: You Can’t Kill An Oriole

I thought of this Ogden Nash poem yesterday when Walkoff Walk started using pictures of dead birds in its Opening Day Lineupstravaganza posts. Anyway, it’s a nice bit of optimism for the time of year when only sports writers have determined who the winners and the losers will be:

Wee Willie Keeler
Runs through the town,
All along Charles Street,
In his nightgown.
Belling like a hound dog,
Gathering the pack:
Hey, Wilbert Robinson,
The Orioles are back!
Hey, Hughie Jennings!
Hey, John McGraw!
I got fire in my eye
And tobacco in my jaw!
Hughie, hold my halo.
I’m sick of being a saint:
Got to teach youngsters
To hit ’em where they ain’t

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