Terribly Late April Fools Post

1. A funny Spanish Corn Flakes commercial from the 1980s with P&P mascot Fernando Valenzuela:

(via Big League Stew by way of Dodger Thoughts)

2. Jonah Keri published a link this morning to George Plimpton’s legendary April Fools story The Curious Case Of Sidd Finch. I read it when I was 12ish in a book of collected baseball writing from Sports Illustrated that my parents gave me. These were the days before internet killed my attention span and fate determined that I would never have a reliable permanent address, so I read every issue of SI all the way through. Anyway, Sidd Finch is all I remember from that book. The story was unbelievable, yet I believed every word of it for at least a couple of years. The story is a pleasure to read, and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion I have The only person trickier and more clever than Geroge Plimpton was his animated Simpsons self:

*Will Alex Rodriguez go down like Julius Caesar? Is Derek Jeter his Brutus? Find out tomorrow as I try and put this A-Rod Tragic Hero thing to rest.

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