Do It For Kent Hrbek

First, an opportunity to exercise your democratic power as citizens of the internet:

Paul Shirley, modern basketball’s somewhat less entertaining version of Jim Bouton  has a post up at ESPN asking for votes on which band’s album he should review. I have absolutely no interest in reading a Paul Shirley music review, and his list has more than one band I like, but for the sake of P&P solidarity, I beseech you to go vote for  The Hold Steady. First off, they are inaugural members of the Baseball Mixtape (click the discrete player in the bottom left corner of your screen). Second, they are really good. Third, how I was introduced to them: My friend Yo Alex brought me to a free outdoor concert at which singer Craig Finn emerged for the encore stumbling drunk and wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey. He told an incoherent story about going fishing with his all time favorite player, Kent Hrbek, then explained that the jersey he was wearing was a game-worn Hrbek original. Then he drank some more, I think. Anyway, make sure you go vote.

Second, a baseball-math comic for your viewing pleasure:

(Thank you Toothpaste For Dinner)

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